Part 1: Basic Setup

This video covers all the basic setup from, including installation, setting up WP Amazillionaire with your Amazon credentials, and configuring essential WordPress settings.

Get your Amazon API Key (Access ID Key) and Secret Key here:

  1. Under the Resources heading click Manage Your Account
  2. Under the Access Identifiers heading click the Click here link
  3. Sign in if required
  4. Locate the heading Your Access Keys under Access Credentials
  5. Your API Key (Access ID Key) is under the heading Access ID Key
  6. Your Secret Access Key can be seen under the heading Secret Access Key by clicking the “Show” link
IMPORTANT: You must use a category in your permalink structure in order for content to be displayed correctly, e.g. /%category%/%postname%/

Part 2: Posting Amazon Products from right inside your WP Admin panel

Learn how to post Amazon products to your site without leaving your admin panel through WP Amazillionaire’s “Post Products” search function.

Part 3: Posting any Amazon product straight from Amazon itself to your site

Use the WP Amazillionaire bookmarklet to browse products on Amazon and then post them to your site with just two mouse clicks.

Part 4: Automated posting using the WP Robot plugin

Copy and paste the code below into WP Robot > Templates > Amazon Module Template:

[wpazdata]wpaztemplate*Template Three|wpazbutton*BUY FROM AMAZON|wpazmorebutton*MORE|wpazmsg*Get The Best Deal|wpazproduct*{url}|wpazmarkdown*{listprice}|wpazprice*{price-updating}|wpazlargeimage*{largeimage}[/wpazdata]

Copy and paste the following into the Post Title field of your campaign post template:


Copy and paste the following into the Post Content field of your campaign post template:


IMPORTANT: Leave the box labelled “Yes, create posts as self-updating WP shortcode” unchecked (under WP Robot > Options), as checking this box will prevent WP Amazillionaire from processing post content into the required format.

Part 4b: Extra autoposting plugins – WP ZonBuilder, WP ZonGrabbing

As we’re able to add support for extra plugins, we’ll add instructions here.


WP ZonBuilder

Go to WPZonBuilder > Integration and paste:


in the Before Post field (or after, either one)

If you want to add extra material to the post, add it below in between [wpazadd] shortcodes like this:

[wpazadd][amzn_product_post template='iframereviews'][/wpazadd]


WP ZonGrabbing

Go to Settings > Post Templates and paste the following into the Content template box:

[wpazdata]wpaztemplate*Template Three|wpazbutton*BUY FROM AMAZON|wpazmorebutton*MORE|wpazmsg*Get The Best Deal|wpazproduct*{url}|wpazmarkdown*{listprice}|wpazprice*[wpazprice asin="{asin}"]|wpazlargeimage*{firstimageurl}[/wpazdata]


Part 5: Converting your site into a review site quickly and easily

Turn your Amazon Affiliate site into a fully fledged review site with just a few clicks.

Star ratings for your review scores, top reviews widget, top picks display with customizable text ribbons.

Part 6: Theme layout and color scheme controls through the official Theme Customizer

Choose from 5 color schemes and alter background color, customize product layout, choose slider content type and set Site Title & Tagline fonts with the official WP Theme Customizer.

Extras 1: Blog Category

If you’d like to have a section of your site dedicated to “regular” blog posts only, go to WP Amazillionaire > Settings and then to the “Post Settings” tab and look for this dropdown list:


Choose the category you’d like to have hold your blog and save your settings.

When your visitors go to that category of your site, it will be presented in a single column blog format rather than a three column store format.

Also, any posts added to this category will not appear on the front page of your site.

Extras 2: Duplicate Post Detection

By activating duplicate post detection you can check if you have already posted a product before using WP Amazillionaire.

The system will also attempt to identify products you’ve posted using autoposting plugins, by seeing if the same post title already exists in another post.

Be aware, if you have a very high number of posts that have to be checked against, searching and posting through WP Amazillionaire may be slow. For this reason, you have the option to turn this feature on or off. It is off by default.

To activate duplicate post detection go to WP Amazillionaire > Settings and then to the “Post Settings” tab and look for these radio buttons:


Switch the radio button to “Yes” and save your settings.

Now, when you search for products through WP Amazillionaire or use the bookmarklet, if a duplicate post is detected you’ll see the following:


From there you have the option to view the existing post or edit it, before deciding whether or not you want to press on with creating the new similar post.

Extras 3: Custom Message if No Price Returned

Sometimes Amazon does not return a price on a given item, and this can be for several different reasons.

You can customize the message that is displayed if no price is returned from the default “See Special Price”.

Go to WP Amazillionaire > Settings and then to the “Post Settings” tab and look for this field:


Enter your preferred message and save.


you can also go into individual posts and set a custom message for that post alone in the “Product Settings” box.